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The Doreen Valiente Foundation is a recognised UK charity. Please support us by donating to the protection of the collection of Doreen's Legacy and, if you are a UK tax payer, please fill in our Gift Aid form as well. All donations are currently being put towards the blue plaque scheme.

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"What Doreen Means to Me!"

We have set up a project for people (anybody and everybody) to contribute to to pool people's message about what Doreen means to them. The first way to contribute is to make a short video of yourself telling the world what Doreen Valiente means to you personally. We are asking for contributions initially as follows:

    1    Make video containing your message of "What Doreen Valiente means to me" - 3 minutes or less is ideal
    2    Upload it to your Youtube account and make it "public"
    3    Notify us with the link to the video
    4    We will then add it to the playlist which is here

How to Contact Us with your link:-
a) by Facebook at
b) by email at
c) by PM at

If you don't have a YouTube account you can send us a download link to your video and we will upload it to our channel and playlist for you, you must send us something when you send your link granting us permission to upload your video for you.

Please share this so people know how they can become involved.



Doreen Valiente - Official Biography

We're pleased to announce that respected author, Philip Hesleton, has agreed to take on the role of Doreen's official biographer and has been researching through the Foundation archives and many other sources to discover the fascinating history of this remarkable lady, including the mysteries of her activities during the war.


Museum of Witchcraft, Magic & Folklore

The sourcing of a premises for the exhibition and work of the Trust is a long ongoing project, much of which takes place “behind the scenes”.  We have been using “The Museum of Witchcraft, Magic & Folklore”  as a working title in keeping with Gerald Gardner’s original work – the Museum of Magic and Witchcraft. Currently we have a travelling exhibition which satisfies some of this need but is limited by geographical borders etc. The trust is in talks over possible partnerships with official bodies in the city of Brighton which was Doreen’s home for many years and we are developing an ongoing realtionship with the Heritage Lottery Fund for a staged series of funding bids to bring the project into being.