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The Charge Of The Goddess - Expanded Edition

Doreen Valiente, hailed as the "Mother of Modern Witchcraft", is one of the most influential figures in 20th century contemporary religion and spirituality. A prolific poet throught her life, her most famous and many previously unknown poems are published here in this special posthumous volume named after her best known work: The Charge Of The Goddess. This 2014 expanded edition features over 80 poems including all of the poems from the previous book of the same title plus many more previously unpublished poems.

Whilst the book will appeal to those interested in Doreen's spiritual and religious themes, the poetry embraces diverse and broader themes from seasonal inights to humourous retellings  which the custodians of her legacy are proud to present here along with  some of her better known pieces such as “The Witches Chant” and “The Charge Of The Goddess”.


Where Witchcraft Lives

First printed in 1962, UK This little gem of a book, Doreen’s first ever writing, should really be treated as an historical document. Doreen researches and presents many folklore and witchcraft practices which had hitherto been consigned to a hidden world. In the book Doreen describes herself as a ‘student of witchcraft’ though at the time of writing she was a high priestess. She never stopped investigating and honing her own craft. The Centre For Pagan Studies has now released this edition with the help of Ronald Hutton, Brighton Museum and Sussex Archaeological Society, as a foundation for the Doreen Valiente Trust which will look after all her artefacts and manuscripts for future generations. All proceeds of the book go to the Trust and the future museum that will exhibit her world famous collection.




The Charge Of The Goddess

Doreen Valiente, the Mother of Modern Witchcraft, is an acclaimed author. She rewrote and edited elements of Gerald Gardner’s Book of shadows and is largely responsible for Wicca becoming the fastest growing religion in the Western world. Just before Doreen died on the 1st September 1999, she requested that her poems be published. Here, together with her magical artefacts and memories from friends, is a tribute to a great lady who gave, and is still giving, so much to the Craft.






Witchcraft - A Tradition Renewed

A very personal account that reveals the ancient rituals and philosophy of witchcraft. Once a part of Robert Cochrane’s coven, the authors delve deep into modern witchcraft, exploring its very ancient roots. The rudiments of the craft and the nature of the rites are shown to revolve around traditional witchcraft passed down through families from earliest times rather than the modern Gardnerian and Alexandrian versions The authors give revelatory information on the members and oaths of the coven, its working tools and regalia from the stangs to the skull, rituals for the great sabbats, handfasting, purification and the royal cairn. The age-old rites are recalled and reworked for today, as the authors show how witchcraft can indeed be a practical working faith.




The Rebirth Of Witchcraft

Rebirth of Witchcraft traces the history of contemporary Wicca from it’s shadowy roots at the turn of the century to the present day. Doreen Valiente presents details never before published, some of them very revealing and surprising, on: The leading figures in this rebirth from Gerald Gardner to Starhawk, and many others.







Natural Magic

Magic is meant to help people and Natural Magic, essentially a practical treatise revealing the magic inherent in human life and nature, shows that magic can be for everyone. Both those who are new to the practice of magic and those with experience will find it to be delightful reading and an informative handbook for use in daily life.







An ABC Of Witchcraft Past And Present

It is intended to be not merely a history, but a guide to the many strange byways of a vast and fascinating subject. Witchcraft is as old as the human race, and it is actively practiced today, by people of all classes. To its devotees, witchcraft is more than spells and charms, or even secret meetings and rituals; it is a philosophy and a way of life. It claims to be the oldest form of religion, that of nature-worship and magic. What is the relationship of the Bible to Witchcraft? What are Fairies, and Magical Alphabets? What were the links between Druidism and Witchcraft? An ABC of Witchcraft covers these subjects and many more from the well-informed and gentle viewpoint of practicing witch, Doreen Valiente.Arranged in alphabetical order for easy reference, the book discusses over 125 subjects that may concern anyone wishing to know more about this ancient pagan religion. Other topics include Atlantis, Witches’ Familiars, Dancing, Fire Magic, Flying Ointments, Horses and Witchcraft, Initiations, Love Charms, Royalty and its connection with witchcraft, etc., etc., with up to several pages on each subject. Both the layman and experienced practitioner will find this book enjoyable and fascinating!


Witchcraft For Tomorrow

Doreen Valiente shows how the oral traditions of witchcraft throw light not only upon the origins of the present day witch cult and the activities of the witch leader George Pickingill and his covens, but also upon the mystery of the founding of the famous magical order, the Golden Dawn. Answering many of the most frequently asked questions about witchcraft, such as How can I find a witches’ coven? and How can I become a witch?, Doreen Valiente explains what the old religion of witchcraft has to offer the new age of Aquarius, how the age-old Craft of the Wise can be practiced in the modern world, and how to initiate yourself as a witch and found your own coven. The leading figure in the establishment of the modern Wiccan movement, Valiente includes here a new Book of Shadows—the witches’ handbook of rituals and instructions—based upon ancient magical tradition, but geared to the age of the future. There are witch songs, spells, incantations, and practical advice on how to run a coven and how to acquire your own collection of magical implements; as well as methods of divination and other witch lore. The author shows how oral witchcraft traditions throw light not only upon the origins of the present-day witch cult and the activities of the witch leader George Pickingill and his covens, but also upon the mystery of the founding of the famous magical order, the Golden Dawn. Also discussed is the relationship between European witchcraft and the magical belief of the Far East. Do both traditions hark back to the legendary city of Shamballah and to the shamanistic practices of Asia? And why do the secret circles of the witches resemble those of the Tantric sex-magic of India?